Our History

Our company has been owned and run by 4 generations of the Wardman family.

Initially incorporated in 1924, Charlie Wardman began Key Brass by developing starter motors for diesel engine cars.

Through the Second World War Kigass, as it had become, manufactured the primer pump for Spitfire aircraft.  The company parts can still be found in working Spitfire aircraft.

After the war Rex Wardman ran the business until the mid-70’s when Arthur Wardman expanded the company through strategic acquisitions to a point where Kigass employed over 1200 people in Leamington and Warwick working in the automotive and aerospace industries.

In the late 90’s much of the business was sold but the core aerospace and auto sport business remains and thrives from our offices in Warwick.


A Little Piece of Kigass History

Kigass was originally incorporated back in 1924 and had the slightly different name of Kibraz. Unfortunately the reason for the name Kibraz and the subsequent change to Kigass has been lost over time and through the 4 generations of the Wardman family that have owned the company. Recently we were absolutely delighted to receive an […]

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Kigass Aero are Keeping Busy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Kigass Aero have remained open for business throughout the coronavirus lockdown. Our staff have been magnificent in keeping the work flowing out of the door in support of our valued customers. In the early days of the lockdown we were asked to quote for 7 different parts for various ventilator consortium. We put together quotes […]

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